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Brent Taylor

At four months old, Brent was adopted by Glenn and Wendy Taylor, a young Christian couple in Wheatley, Ontario, Canada.  Discerning at a young age that their son was predestined for ministry, the Taylor’s began to pour Christ into him; a gift that Brent will forever be grateful for. One night, when Brent was 17 years old, his mom was captivated by his singing as she passed by his room. It was then that she recognized the extraordinary musical talent within her son, and she encouraged him to use his gift to glorify God. Not long after, Brent was enlisted in a talent night at his local church. The single success of that night would push him into a leadership role in music ministry, and it would also be the catalyst that would propel him into his destiny of traveling and impacting lives for Christ.  The story you’re about to hear is a story of purpose and destiny, and one that only God could have put together. My story is one of hope, planted by God to help those that are around me realize that He is our everything, and He has a plan for everyone.  My story begins with Angela Gabriel; a 13 year old girl who was pregnant, and not ready to be a mother.  After many conversations and thoughts of getting rid of her unborn child, she decided to put him up for adoption.  Meanwhile, Glenn and Wendy Taylor, a young biracial couple, who were unable to get pregnant, were placed on an adoption waiting list and were waiting and praying faithfully for the right placement.




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