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As a teenager who was born in Shreveport Louisiana, but grew up right outside of Chicago IL, Jamarrian J. Johnson aka dj Vibez never imagined himself becoming a reformed dj that spins Christian music. One day in High School at a Saturday detention a young urban missionary invited him to church. For the first time at 16 years old Jamarrian heard a message that could give him hope. 


Music was always a part of Jamarrian J. Johnson’s life. There was not a day you did not see him without his headphones, listening to music and talking about music. He loved music so much he made mixtapes for his friends who like to smoke, gangbang and have a wildlife. His 1st mixtape was called “4 Smokers Only” He mixed it off an A&B tape deck. It had lots of underground hip-hop artist featured on it.  That soon changed after hearing the Gospel (Good News) he grew a desire to rap to get this message of a Savior out there. At the age of 18 Jamarrian moved from Grandma’s house to New Jersey and got signed to Mountain Top Records as a Christian Rap artist... 


647.638.4423 | 905.454.3247

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