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Jean Jean

Jean Jean

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Affectionately named "Jean Jean," the young man was, from his birth, educated in the principles of the Bible. Only son of a family of four children, Jean Jean saw his life marked by the promise that her mother had made to God when he was still in her womb. Having experienced a difficult pregnancy, she vowed to dedicate her child fully to His service, in gratitude for the breath of life that was given to him.


From that moment, Jean Jean could not live like ordinary people.


At a young age, he developed an instinct, a special love for music. He had a normal youth, was part of a handball team, but nothing seemed to separate it from the deep feeling he had for music. Indeed, it took a prominent place throughout his adolescence and he used to listen to it all the time. One day, an amazing opportunity came when it was announced to the youth of his local church that a choir would be formed. However, since handball practices and choir rehearsals would be held the same day, a difficult choice presented itself to him. At the crossroads, he must either join the choir or continue his training as an athlete, for a possible international career. However, his deep desire to quench his thirst for music led him to leave the Celtics handball team to become a full-time of the “Chorale des Jeunes d’Outremont”



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