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Born April 4th 1988,”Julien” Lamar Hyacinthe from day one has always had a passion and focused desire for the arts in all its forms, primarily for music. At the age of fourteen he began to write rhymes and got involved in rap battling which was heavily influenced due to the exposure of the violent lifestyle he was immersed in at the time.


Through his youthful journey’s he finally came to a point where he knew there had to be more than just money, girls, drugs etc. Having to deal with the uncomfortable reality of growing up without a “role model” (his “Father”, who was fatally murdered in a robbery) took quite a toll on him as a growing man. With a single mom and somewhat distant siblings, there was very little support that he had to turn to. Julien says “Although circumstances were negative, the sovereign Lord had different plans for me”.


In 2007 he then surrendered his will to God (and to be transparent, still being worked on as we speak) and since then has been navigating through the newness of this desirable and peaceful life. Not every day is like that at all, but Juliens passion for his music is that when people listen, they will then realize the truth, the way and the life of the true role model, the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.



Role Model Records

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