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This is K'Lektiv. We are a diverse group of people united through our love for Jesus, music and people. We believe that we are marked for this generation. We are passionate about two main things. Firstly, we are passionate about leading this generation in true worship and introducing people to this incredible concept of grace. We operate under the knowledge that we don't have it all together BUT when you look at our lives through the lens of the cross, you see a picture of grace, a story of redemption and restoration and the resulting narrative is a life filled with purpose IN CHRIST!"


Secondly, we are passionate about using this gift of music to make a tangible difference in the world. With our upcoming album, we have decided to partner with Rev. Prince and Suzana Mathiasz, to raise money to build a Leadership Training Centre in the country of Sri Lanka. The Mathiasz family have been missionaries to Sri Lanka for over 30 years. They have established well over 100 churches and preaching points and seen thousands of people give their lives to Jesus Christ. Their humanitarian efforts are also incredible. In wake of the 2004 Tsunami, with the help of Compassion Services International, they were able to see MANY homes and businesses rebuilt and restored and food, shelter and clean drinking water provided to those who were affected. They continue to support massive humanitarian efforts in that country to this day. Their desire is to build a facility that will house their family camp and bible college, so that they can train and equip leaders locally to continue the work of the Lord. That's where we come in. We are giving away a copy of our upcoming CD to anyone that donates $20 or more to the Sri Lanka project. By partnering with us,you can be part of this amazing initiative and while you may never be able to physically go to Sri Lanka and lay bricks, your contribution will be the driving force in finishing this incredible project.



Anjel Music Productions


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