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Lance Constantine

Lance Constantine is a visionary leader, dynamic public speaker, social entrepreneur and a thought-provoking author. He is sought out by notable political leaders and speaks to an audience of business professionals and college and university students near and abroad.


Lance founded Speaker’s University, a program model that trains the next generation of leaders in public speaking. This program strategy encourages diverse communities to aspire to higher learning education, character development, personal growth, civic engagement and effective communication skills. He also organizes conference series workshops inviting veteran speakers, mobilizing an ongoing following of dynamic leaders from diverse ethno-cultural groups across the world and educates assemblies how to speak publicly and engage politically.


Lance has created the ‘Public Speaking’ Communication Module for the National Office of the Boys and Girls Club of Canada; he also developed and implemented modules within the Jamaica’s Tourist Board in the Caribbean. Known as ‘the community leader’ and dynamic speaker, Lance empowers this generation to create awareness, be accountable and become a voice for the voiceless.


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