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Mzz Sarah G

Sarah “Mzz Sarah G” Gonsalves is a young gospel artiste who lives and attends university in Oshawa On; using her gift in singing and songwriting to inspire youth and young adults.


Sarah attended a Christian elementary school from grade 3-7. She never departed what was taught to her at her Christian school as she transitioned into a Catholic elementary school for her grade 8 year. There she achieved the EJ Jinan Award, an award given to one student who excels overall in academics and one who demonstrated a long list of skills, qualities, and abilities; an outstanding effort. She was also one out off the two students in that school to have her picture in faces of the future for the Durham newspaper, a paper that shows the students who are making an impression.Sarah went on to a public high school here she continued to be a role model to her peers, in her grade 12 year, she received an award from the Durham District school Board for Personal Excellence this award is given to three Students from every school in the Durham District. Sarah then ended her high school year as valedictorian with numerous awards. Valedictorian is a student, usually the one ranking highest academically in a school graduation class, who delivers the valedictory at the commencement exercises.


Mzz Sarah G’s ministry is “youth” centered because she loves to work alongside kids. Sarah started working with kids at the age of 14, as a:
-Youth to youth facilitator
-Youth league worker
-Camp counselor
at the Oshawa Community Health Center, maintaining this job for a number of years.


Sarah “Mzz Sarah G” Gonsalves is a rising New School Gospel artiste who aspires to become international in the near future.



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