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Prosper & GPM

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Montreal native, Patrick “Prosper” Laguerre and his wife Melissa Laguerre, founded GPM in 2003. Called not only to entertain, but also to encourage a positive change to the masses, Prosper the leader of the band GPM is a talented artist who has sincerely dedicated his gift to change and to affect the world through his music. 


GPM, also known as Gifted Powerful Movement, has the ability to capture the attention of a wide variety of listeners through Prospers energetic character, catchy hooks, and skilled band. GPM brings forth a powerful message through the musical influence of Inspirational Urban content and also uses the influence of different styles of music like Pop, House, R&B, Rock and Hip-Hop. 


GPM has shared the same stage at world class events with some international and award winning performers such as: Wyclef Jean, Kanye West, Kirk Franklin, Akon, Papa San, Canton Jones, New World Son, Mali Music and many more.


GPM Enterprise

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