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Yung Saintz

The Yung Saintz emerge from the colorful music scene in Toronto, Canada. The group set out to combine uniquely sharp production with warmth and witty wordplay. 


The duo of GeoffreeTheArtisT and KadinRay can’t seem to sit still and contain their enthusiasm when it comes to their upcoming projects and the creativity they are looking to bring through their music. One step at a time is the group’s motto. 


Whether it is through music videos, live performances (The Yung Saintz even opened for musicians like Mali Music, Sean Simmonds, and Papa San) or mixtapes the duo has wowed and astonished any and every audience that has had the pleasure of hearing them. 


Yung Saintz’s music is more than just entertainment. It provides a positive and powerful message while always telling the truth about life as it uses their Christian background to illustrate. Unlike many rappers out there, the Yung Saintz are not afraid of crossing boundaries and letting genres as diverse as reggae, jazz, and pop to bleed into their formula, in order to deliver a sound like nothing else out there.


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